Cut meetings by 50% and still know what's happening across your startup

Run async check-ins to get a daily pulse on how your team is doing and how goals are tracking. When you need to meet live, build structured agendas that keep everyone focused and engaged.

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Range has been an indispensable way to increase productivity, transparency, trust, and connectedness.

Adam Waxman, Director of Product Design at SeatGeek
Stay in sync in 5 minutes per day.

Stay in sync in 5 minutes per day.

Share daily async updates across the team. Bring in work from apps like GitHub, Asana, and Google Drive. See what your teammates are focusing on and how they’re doing.

Share blockers in Range and Slack.

Share blockers in Range and Slack.

Use Flags in async Check-ins to call out blockers and ask for help. Subscribe any Slack channel to Range so folks can jump in & get their teammates unstuck.

Check on goal progress while you work.

Check on goal progress while you work.

Don't spend hours on OKR updates. Use hashtags to connect daily Check-ins to team goals. Bring goal updates into team meetings and Slack.

Make meetings worthwhile.

Make meetings worthwhile.

View recent check-ins and goal progress in live meetings. Use the spinner to keep the team engaged. Share notes and actions automatically when the meeting ends.

Connect work across all your team's tools.

Bring PRs, tasks, and docs into async check-ins and meetings. Give your team the context they need to move work forward, without opening 25 tabs.
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Google Calendar
Microsoft Teams
How Range helps startups improve teamwork
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Share async check-ins to get unblocked and stay informed. When you need to collaborate live, build structured agendas that keep the team connected and on track.

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Add mood-sharing and 350+ icebreakers to team check-ins and meetings. Create handbooks to get to know your teammates asynchronously.

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React to Check-ins in Range or Slack. Add comments and emojis to recognize everyone for their work across locations and time zones.

team directory in Range

Fast-moving startups need tools that adapt with them. Set up flexible sub-teams with the Team Directory. Create and update hierarchical goals in one place.

Range logo with tasks from other work apps

Review daily Check-ins in Range or Slack. Use the Team Dashboard to see how folks are faring day to day. Know what your team is working on and how they're doing — always.

Team success stories

“Great tool for asynchronous teams working across time-zones to keep in sync”
There is a direct correlation between when I run the meeting in Range, and a 50% reduction in the amount of time our standup takes out of my team’s day.
“Very complete”
What I like the most about Range are the integrations it has with other applications, the notifications and the customization of my profile.
“Ruthless efficiency making way for human connection”
Amazing. It enhanced our stand ups and team dynamic. It really helped our team get to know each other outside of team events and had us interacting as people daily, instead of cogs in a corporate machine.
“Fantastic business tool!”
So many things! The task list is by far my favorite as it helps myself and my team keep track of items that we need to follow up on throughout the week/month and helps us to plan accordingly. We all have many different accounts that we work, so keeping things all in one spot is extremely helpful.
“Range allows our stand-ups to be much more useful”
We can get rid of all the boilerplate of standups by just putting our current status into range. We put range's 'flag's onto topics that we want to bring up as a group. And then during our standups, we use those flags to prioritize discussion. So our standups become many tiny adhoc meetings, instead of everyone just saying their status and then scheduling more time to actually have productive discussions.
“Range is the easiest way to stay in sync with your remote team”
It was dead simple to set up and the Slack integration made it an immediate natural extension of our team's daily workflow!

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Why startups choose Range

Purpose-built for today's world of work, Range helps teams make the most of every touchpoint, both async and real-time. Team managers love it because it helps them stay connected and informed, without extra meetings.
Range ✨Standup slackbots (i.e. Geekbot, Standuply, Status Hero)Meeting tools (i.e. Hugo, Fellow, Hyper Context)Team-building tools (i.e. Donut)OKR Tools (i.e. Ally)Async Communication Tools (i.e. Friday)
Run daily Check-ins
Timezone sensitive
Flag Check-in items for meetings
Mood insights
Deep integrations
Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications
Check-in from Slack
Meeting notes and objective updates in Slack
Track work activity in 75+ apps
Sync teams with Google Groups
Meeting facilitation
Spinner designed for remote meetings
Review goals
Automate meeting note distribution
Action items connected to Check-ins
Team building
Culture questions
Team profiles
Inter-team communication
Asynchronous team-building
Goal setting
Connect daily work to Goals
Goal tracking
Optimized for remote work
Both async and sync tools
Team-first design

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Why Range?

  • Share async check-ins.
  • Facilitate engaging meetings.
  • Integrate all your tools.
  • Track goal progress without micromanaging.
  • Feel connected to your team.

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People have been working in the team coordination and collaboration problem space for a while now. Finally, Range has got it right. The integrations have set Range apart and made it an invaluable tool for my team.