Excluding calendar events from Range

How to keep unwanted calendar events from showing up in Range

You can name your calendar events in a way so that Range knows not to suggest them to you when you're writing a check-in.

To exclude a meeting from Range, begin your meeting title with any of the following phrases: (Case insensitive)

  • OOO
  • DNS
  • Busy
  • Do not schedule
  • Focus time
  • Work time

For example: "DNS - Super important meetings only" as a meeting title would not be imported into Range because it starts with DNS.

You can also use the following tags anywhere in your meeting title to prevent Range from including the meeting:

  • #daily
  • #nosync

For example, if you had a meeting that was titled "Sync with project orange #daily", it would not be included because it has the tag #daily somewhere in the title.

If you have any other terms that would be helpful to exclude, please reach out to us below.

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