Google Drive

How to include activity from Google Drive in your Range check-in

How it works

Range will create suggestions for documents and files you create, edit, or comment on. When the integration is initially connected, recent activity is ingested.


Google Drive is connected on a per user basis from the integrations settings page. Simply click "Link Google Drive" and go through the authentication flow.

Security considerations

Google Drive is configured on a per user basis via OAuth. drive.metadata.readonly is requested which provides access to metadata but not the file content. Read more about Google Drive auth scopes.

Range responds to push notifications from Google Drive when files are changed. Range persists the following data from the Google Drive file:

  • File ID
  • Name
  • Description
  • Web View Link
  • Created Time
  • Modified Time
  • File Extension
  • Thumbnail Link


Trusting the Range App

Some organizations restrict API access to Google Drive through the GSuite Administration console. If you see an error when trying to link Google Drive, this is the likely explanation.

In order to enable Range, a GSuite administrator will either need to explicitly trust the Range application, or change the security settings to only block high-risk OAuth scopes.

Full instructions can be found on this Google Help Center article.

To whitelist Range:

  1. In your GSuite admin console navigate to Security > Permissions.
  2. Scroll to the list and click Trusted Apps.
  3. Use the (+) action button to add a site.
  4. Select Web Application from the drop down and enter Range's OAauth2 Client ID: (with no line breaks, or spaces)

This may take a few minutes to take effect. But once complete you should be able to link Google Drive.

Allowing the Drive SDK API

Domain Administrators can also disable the Drive SDK API. This would not prevent block you from linking your accounts but would prevent Range from making API calls.

To fix this issue refer to this article on how to Allow 3rd-party apps for Drive files.

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