Known issues

A list of known issues in Range


Signing in with Google Sign-In for Websites doesn't work if your web browser is set up to block third party cookies. Google has troubleshooting information available, but here are some common issues to check:

  • Google Chrome
    Open a new tab and navigate to chrome://settings/content/cookies. Ensure that the "Block third-party cookies" option is not enabled, or add an exception for in the "Allow" section below the option.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    Open a new tab and navigate to about:preferences#privacy. Under "Content Blocking", if you have "Custom" selected and the "Cookies" option set to "All third-party cookies", change it to "Third-party trackers" or use the "Strict" option instead. Alternatively, you can add an exception for Range by clicking the URL bar shield icon in the tab with and clicking "Turn off blocking for this site".
  • Disconnect, Ghostery, Privacy Badger, and other blocker extensions
    These browser extensions can sometimes be configured to block third-party cookies, which will interfere with Google Sign-In. You'll need to disable those extensions or whitelist to get sign-in working. Check your browser extension's documentation for more info.

Google Sign-In also doesn't work when pop ups are blocked. If you see a message that popups are blocked, you can temporarily disable popups.

If you're unable to make any of the adjustments above, please contact us using the chat icon in the bottom right. We can set you up with an alternative form of login.



  • We connect to all GitHub organizations for which the user is an administrator. In the future we will allow you to pick the organizations you'd like to connect to Range.
  • If you attempt to connect your Github org to Range, but you are not an administrator of that Github org, the connection will fail. Webhooks won’t be added to your Github account. Also, the Range UI will appear to show you are connected, even though it's not working.

Google Calendar and Google Drive

If your Google Drive and/or Google Calendar account are repeatedly unlinking from your Range workspace, it is usually an issue on Google's side where they flag it and keep disconnecting the integration.

The steps to fix it are:

  1. Unlink Google Drive (and Google Calendar, if you have that linked too) from integration settings in Range.
  2. Go to, find Range in the list of "Third-party apps with account access", and then click it and click "Remove access."
  3. Wait 1-7 days.
  4. Relink Google Drive (and Google Calendar) from the Range settings page.

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