How to include incidents from PagerDuty in your Range check-in

How it works

Range can suggest items to include in your check-in based on PagerDuty incidents.

In your "What's happened" section, you'll see PagerDuty incidents you've been assigned either from the initial trigger, an escalation, or delegation.


Anyone who has a stakeholder (or higher) role in PagerDuty can connect PagerDuty for the whole Range workspace. Individuals can then link their identity on the integrations settings page.

Security considerations

Range uses OAuth to authenticate with the PagerDuty API. Ranges configures webhooks for each service the user has access to to monitor the event streams. Suggestions are created when a user is assigned to an incident.

Range persists the following data from PagerDuty incidents:

  • Incident number
  • Incident title
  • Incident status
  • Item URL
  • Created At

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