How other tools integrate with Range

The Range Chrome extension

The Range Chrome Extension allows you to easily capture work from your browser-based tools and share it with your team.

At Range, we help you connect all your tools so it’s easier for you to plan your day and share what you’re doing with your team. We’ve built many full-featured integrations into Range, which you can find in the settings screen.

Some apps don’t have APIs where Range can easily access data so we built a Chrome Extension to let you bring in nearly any document you touch on the web into Range.

Installing and Using the Range Chrome Extension

Simply install the Chrome extension plugin and log into Range. The extension will automatically import activity into Range from a variety of tools including:

  • Apollo
  • Confluence
  • Dropbox Paper
  • Figma (in browser only)
  • Google Drive (if OAuth apps are disabled)
  • Medium
  • Quip

You’ll start seeing suggestions for supported tools as you write your Range Check-ins.

💡 The extension is triggered when you’ve been on a page for a few seconds, and sometimes only when you edit a document. We do this to make sure there aren’t too many suggestions for you in Range.


We care about your privacy. The Chrome Extension for Range only has access to the domains it needs to operate properly. It is also an open source tool, which means you can inspect everything the extension does here.

Is there something else you’d like to see in Range when you visit a particular URL? If your favorite service isn’t currently supported, please let us know and we can look into adding it to our extension. Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.


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