Time for a Meeting Makeover?

Give your team the gift of fewer, more productive meetings with this free 1:1 coaching session. Limited availability!

Too many meetings are an ineffective time-suck that’s draining our productivity and well-being, stifles engagement, and fast-tracks employee burnout. Oh, and most of them “should have been an email.” We're here to help you find a better way for your team.


  1. Discovery. What meetings do your team have today to keep in sync.
  2. Discussion. What's working, what's not.
  3. Solutions. Together we'll sketch out 3-5 concrete changes to try.
How did we get here?

How did we get here?

Leaders consider 67% of meetings to be ineffective, yet we still manage to spend such a huge portion of our time in them. The average employee says they waste 31 hours in unproductive meetings each month.

Meetings should matter

Meetings should matter

It's not realistic to get rid of all meetings — real-time discussions are important for decision making and collaboration. But meetings don't need to be overwhelming, distracting, and pointless.

Async and real-time

Async and real-time

By learning how to effectively balance real-time and asynchronous communication, you can ensure your team feels connected and aligned, while making space for focus-time and deep work.

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Calm the chaos

This Meeting Makeover will help improve the quality of your team meetings while cutting down on overall meeting load.

Range reserves the right to restrict and/or limit the Meeting Makeover to qualified organizations. This offer may be discontinued at any time.