Board Meeting

A well-structured board meeting will help you make the most of this valuable time.

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Clock90 mins

A board meeting is when a company’s board of directors gets together to review progress, discuss future plans, and get any necessary approvals.

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1. Opening Round ( 5 mins )

Go around the room and share how everyone is doing coming into the meeting

2. Share Agenda ( 5 mins )

Go over the agenda topics for the meeting. Make sure everyone is aligned with what is going to be discussed.

3. High-Level Update ( 10 mins )

Share a high-level update on the business with the board. This is a good time to discuss wins, losses, and business trends since the last time the board met.

4. Metrics ( 10 mins )

Review the most important metrics for the business. Point out any important data points and highlight interesting observations.

5. Quarterly Goals ( 20 mins )

Review each of the top OKRs or initiatives. Discuss what progress has been made recently, obstacles that have come up, and where each of the objectives currently stands. If you use Range, pull the objectives directly into the meeting so that it is easy to see the most recent updates and the status of the goals.

6. New Initiatives ( 10 mins )

Talk through and new initiatives that have arisen since the last meeting. This is a good opportunity to discuss new product launches, the direction the business is going in, and any areas where the business is doubling down in.

7. Build Agenda ( 2 mins )

Go around the room and add new topics for this meeting. Since the board doesn’t meet that frequently, this is a great opportunity to get feedback on specific things or lean on the expertise of the various board members.

8. Closing Round ( 2 mins )

End the meeting with a short checkout round by discussing any next steps and seeing how everyone is doing.

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