Skip-level Meetings

Get a better perspective on how things are going with a 1:1 meeting with non-direct reports.

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Clock45 mins

A skip-level meeting where you — as a senior manager, VP, or CEO — meet with people who are on your team but who aren't direct reports. They are a way for you to get more visibility into the day-to-day work that's happening and how your managers are doing. It's also an opportunity for individual contributors to learn more about company strategy and vision.

To avoid surprising people or creating unnecessary anxiety, it is best to perform skip level 1:1s on a predictable schedule, and make sure to communicate with everyone what you are doing and why.

Make sure to listen more than speak, and to equally explore topics pertaining to the company, the team, and the individual themselves.


1. Break the ice ( 2 mins )

2. How's the team? ( 5 mins )

  • How are the team doing?
  • What is your manager doing well?
  • What could be better?

3. What are you working on? ( 5 mins )

  • What projects are you working on?
  • What company objectives are you working towards?
  • How do you feel it's going?
  • What obstacles prevent you from making progress?

4. What are your personal goals? ( 5 mins )

  • What personal & professional goals do you have for the next 12 months?
  • What could we do to help you achieve them?

5. As a company, is there anything we should change? ( 5 mins )

  • What could make work better for you?
  • What could make our teams more effective?
  • How could we more effectively achieve our goals?
  • How could we have more impact as an organization?

6. Open forum ( 20 mins )

Are there any questions you have about our strategy, vision, or operations?

7. Check out ( 3 mins )

Both share one take away from the meeting

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