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Range and Linear

Track and share new and updated issues in your daily Check-ins

Linear helps software development teams streamline their workflows, from issue-tracking to roadmap planning. Once you connect your Linear and Range workspaces, you'll easily pull Linear issues into your Check-ins and simplify async communication on your team.

Getting started

Create your Range account

You will need to have a Range account to set up the integration. Click here to create your account if you don’t already have one.

Create your Linear account

You will also need to have a Linear account. Click here if you need to create an account.

Connect Linear to Range

To connect your team or organization's Linear workspace to your Range workspace, follow these steps:

1. Visit the integration settings page

2. Find Linear and click "Set this up"

3. Select "Connect Linear and Range"

4. Follow the authentication steps, providing the appropriate approval

5. Upon returning to the integration settings page, Linear and Range should be connected

Once your workspaces are connected, users can link their identities using a simple authentication flow to see Linear activity when composing their Check-in in Range.

Link your Linear account with Range

1. Visit the integrations settings page

2. Find Linear and select "Link"

3. Follow the authentication steps, providing the appropriate approval

4. On returning to Range, your Linear and Range identities should be linked and items (including issues and related activity) will show up in the activity sidebar

Once you've linked your Linear and Range accounts, you will start to see activity from Linear when composing your Check-ins. Drag and drop Linear issues directly into your Check-ins to keep your team up to date on your daily progress.

Learn more about connecting Linear and Range

For further instructions and support, visit the Help Center.

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