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How Range works in Slack

Combine community with easy check-ins.
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Reminders to stay on track without micromanaging

No need to nag your team for status updates. Range sends your team a reminder, so they can plan for the day, reflect on what’s happened, and share a Check-in that keeps everyone in sync.

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With Slack reminders to Check-in every morning, and message threading, it's been easy for the team to start using Range.

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Getting started

How to connect Slack to your Range workspace

Connect Slack to Range

You need to be a Slack administrator in order to connect the app to your Range workspace. To connect Range, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the ​integration settings page
  2. Find Slack and select "Set this up"
  3. Press the button "Connect Slack and Range"
  4. Follow the authentication steps, providing the appropriate approval
  5. On returning to Range, Slack and Range should be connected

Once connected, individual users can link their identities using a simple authentication flow to see activity when composing their Check-in.

For further instructions and support, visit the Help Center.

The more apps you add, the better Check-ins get

Range Check-ins are simple, powerful status updates that keep your team more connected, focused, and productive no matter where they're working. When you add apps to Range, it makes writing Check-ins even faster and easier.

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