Announcing our new newsletter, Lead Time

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We’re always trying to figure out how to best support our growing community with tools and content that matter to them. From the pieces we publish here on our blog and the mini-conferences we hosted prior to the pandemic to incorporating feedback into our product roadmap, helping managers lead and build more effective teams is core to who we are as a company.

That’s why I’m beyond excited to announce our new newsletter — Lead Time — and share with you a recent issue.

We created Lead Time with engineering managers in mind, wanting it to serve as a resource for every stage of their journey. Whether you’re a new engineering team lead, an IC, or a senior executive with years of experience building teams, there will be insights in every issue for you. And while the engineering path is unique in many ways, we believe the lessons and experiences contained within our newsletter will be just as valuable to leaders of other functional teams.

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Finding time to invest in yourself while managing the many other things you have going on at work and in your life can be a challenge. We want to help you make time for your success, and your team’s!

We’ve structured the sections of Lead Time as summaries, so you can glean the most relevant information fast. And we’ve organized the ideas, practices, frameworks, and solutions to many of the challenges leaders and teams face today in specific sections, including:

  • Leveling up — Wisdom, inspiration, and insights from leaders across the tech landscape
  • Peer-to-peer — Tips and advice from fellow engineering managers on the processes and practices they use to build great teams
  • Pathfinding — Practical guidance on where to focus and how to begin when developing as a manager
  • Culture connect — Ways to foster a strong team culture and support effective teams

Each month, you’ll receive three newsletters, including one end-of-month digest, focusing on a specific theme or topic. We’ll pull together the best content from leaders and teams raising the bar for success, and we won’t stop there.

We know you probably read a number of blogs and newsletters. With Lead Time, we don’t want to eat away at your free time. We read, watch, and listen to all of the content we include and then present you with the key takeaways. You can stop there, or you can choose to explore specific pieces of content further and see for yourself why we decided to share it with you.

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To subscribe to Lead Time just enter your email address in the form below. And if you have any feedback on how Range can continue to support your success and build an even more effective team, please let us know.

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Announcing our new newsletter, Lead Time
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