Introducing the new Range app for Slack

Keep your team connected, no matter where they’re working.

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Range app for Slack

With everyone working remote, teams are on Slack more than ever. Sometimes too much. It can feel like you’re chatting all the time, but still struggling to know what’s happening. If you’re feeling a bit of Slack overload right now, you’re not alone. We talk with hundreds of tech teams, and so many are overloaded with communication yet feeling more disconnected than ever.

We founded Range to help teams who are struggling to stay in sync. So this problem is near to our heart. We designed our product with a simple concept: that taking a few minutes to check-in with your team each day actually ends up saving everyone time. When teams build a cadence of sharing what’s happening, it means there’s less time wasted in Zoom meetings delivering status updates, and fewer Slack messages that interrupt deep work.

With Slack’s new APIs, we saw an opportunity to build the best Check-in experience possible within Slack. We spent the last few months building that vision. If you’re a remote team that feels disconnected, you can install our Slack app to help your team build the habit of checking-in, and start feeling connected again.

The best way to Check-in with your team on Slack

Here’s everything you need to help your team get started with Check-ins, all from within Slack:

👍 Easy setup — Sign in to Range with your Slack account, invite your team, and be ready to go in minutes. We’ll guide you through every step.

⌚️ Reminders — No need to nag your team for status updates. Range sends everyone a reminder message each morning to check-in.

Check-ins — Everyone on your team can quickly share a list of what they plan to do, and they’ve recently accomplished, all without leaving Slack.

📎 Integrations — Easily attach work from tools like GitHub, Jira, Asana, Google Docs, Calendar, and many more.

Build team culture — We’ve included over 300+ team questions to help your team grow closer even when everyone’s apart.

Screenshots of Range Slack App

All the little details

We listen to our customers and obsess over the details. Here’s just a few of the thoughtful features we’ve built in collaboration with early testers:

🧵 Threaded notifications — Keep your team channel tidy with one thread that organizes everyone’s Check-in each day.

💬 Comments — Reply to comments from within Slack. You can even see the whole message thread for context.

🔖 Remember tasks — When someone asks you to do something in Slack, just click the [...] button on the message and choose “Add to my plan” in Range.

🤓 Slash commands — For you experts, we’ve added a bunch of new commands. “/checkin” lets you check in to Range from anywhere. There’s also some bonus commands like “/range timezones”. Type “/range help” to see them all.

🏠 Slack App Home — Click on “Range” in your Slack sidebar, and you’ll see up-to-date lists of who’s checked-in on your teams.

See how it works

What customers are saying

Range has helped teams feel more connected, focused, and productive. But we'll let them speak for themselves:

"With Slack reminders to Check-in every morning, and message threading, it's been easy for the team to start using Range."
— Mercer Borris, Software Engineer at Eight Sleep
“With Range check-ins, it doesn't matter if we're in different cities or countries, we still know what each other is working on and the plan for the day.”
— Gabriel Marcondes, Engineer at Carta
“Range has helped me greatly in the transition to remote life.”
— Sarah Murphy, UX Designer at

Try out Range — It’s free!

If you think your team could benefit from Check-ins, please give Range a try. It’s totally free for teams of up to 10 people, and it’s easy to get started.

or Learn more about the Range app for Slack.

Already using Range? You can add Range to Slack, or upgrade your Slack app, and you’ll get all the new features right away.

From the whole team at Range, we hope our work helps your team feel more connected in these times when it seems harder than ever. Please do let us know what you think of Range and how we can continue to build great products for your team.

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Introducing the new Range app for Slack
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