Range raises $6 million in seed funding to help organizations build successful teams

Dan Pupius,Yellow Squiggle
The founders of team-success software company Range.

There’s a quote from William Gibson we really like, with a slight paraphrase — “the future [of work] is here — it’s just not evenly distributed.”

Two years ago Jen, Braden, and I started Range to do just that; distribute the future of work. We‘d been interested in the challenges companies face, centered around the questions: “Why do companies get worse as they got bigger? Why do people become less engaged, teams become less productive, and bureaucracy ends up feeling like a force of nature? Shouldn’t the fabric of work grow stronger, not weaker?”

In other words, the more humans an organization adds, the less human it seems to become. We sensed software, intentionally designed and informed by behavioral science, could play a key role in moving people into the future of work, where wellbeing and performance isn’t an either-or question.

Team Success

Since launching Range, we’ve had the good fortune to partner with teams at more than 70 amazing customers. We’ve seen how much teams are becoming the core unit of work, and how teams are increasingly spread out in different locations (even in the same building). We’ve talked to managers about how strengthening this fiber of work is so critical to the success of their teams, which is why activities that classically fell to HR are moving closer to team workstreams.

This feedback from our customers has reinforced how we think about our product — team success software. From helping people plan their day to keeping teams in the know with what teammates are doing and helping organizations focus on what really matters, we’ve evolved each capability with Range to support the key need we’ve heard from each team. It’s also helped us refine our mission to focus on crafting new ways for organizations, teams, and individuals to unlock their full potential.

“From retrospective meetings and objectives tracking to daily standups, Range has been a key factor in the success of our distributed teams,” says Emanuel Souza, Senior Engineering Manager at Carta. “As a painkiller to the problem of having team members in Palo Alto, San Francisco, New York, and Brazil, Range makes us feel connected and empowered to make better decisions based on the asynchronously shared information."

Today, we’re very excited (and proud) to announce we’ve raised $6 million in seed funding, with the most recent round led by Quentin Clark at General Catalyst, and early support from Bloomberg Beta, First Round Capital, Upside Partnership, and Precursor Ventures.

These investments will help us accelerate our mission, and we plan to use the capital to fuel our growth and product momentum, so we can deliver more value to entire organizations. We’ll be scaling our engineering, business development, and marketing teams (so keep an eye on our open roles).

Strengthening the fabric of work

Finding the right investors is critical to the success of every startup, and we feel very lucky that each of our investors, from our angels to our seed participants, is very much part of our own team. They provide us with exceptional support and guidance, make our own fabric of work better, and share our vision of building a future where realizing organizational potential is intrinsic to realizing human potential.

"We've been building software for improving task-level productivity for decades. Range is shifting that focus to helping the individuals and teams behind the work excel," says Quentin Clark, managing director at General Catalyst and former CTO at Dropbox. "I've been impressed with how incredibly people-centric the team at Range is and that will be the key to their success in transforming how organizations work. We're excited to make this investment and help drive their mission forward.”

We’ve been developing our own culture based on this ethos (go team), rooted in our beliefs in networks, transparency, individual empowerment, and the need to bring more humanity to our work. And we couldn’t be more excited to help companies not just adapt to these coming changes, but to thrive as they define a better way of working.

— Dan Pupius, Co-founder and CEO, Range

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Range raises $6 million in seed funding to help organizations build successful teams
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