What we look for

A look inside Range’s hiring criteria

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We don’t believe it serves anyone to keep our hiring criteria secret. Interviews are stressful at the best of times, so we want to do everything we can to eliminate some of that stress and make sure people feel they are able to be their best selves.

To that end we want to be open about what we are looking for when we are adding people to our team.

These attributes will evolve as our company and team grows, but for now we look at alignment across four areas: values, team, stage, and skill.

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We’re a purpose-driven company. Given our size, it is important that our mission resonates with you and that you feel aligned with the goals we have for both our company and product.

Mission Resonates — Sees that workplaces need to change and understands the effect workplace culture has on employees. Demonstrates a desire for organizational change, or has pushed for change in the past.

Humanist — Believes that the individual experience at work can and should be improved. Views the roles of managers as coaches who serve the team. Understands that a balanced life is necessary.

Inclusive — Understands that diversity and inclusion are both moral and business imperatives.

Service — Sees their role as contributing to the service of our customers. As a teammate, sees that we are here to serve each other.

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We’re hiring a team, not individuals. There are a number of traits that we think will help our team work together well.

Perspective — Adds psychological diversity or a different point-of-view.

Communication — Able to effectively communicate and understand concrete and abstract ideas.

Awareness & Empathy — Is self-aware and aware of others. Able to reflect on their own motives and emotions as well as those of others. Views others’ opinions with respect, see Ontological humility.

Growth Mindset — Recognizes their own agency in solving problems and resolving conflict. Takes critical feedback as an opportunity to change and grow; doesn’t give up. Has grit and resoluteness.

System Thinking — Understands that organizations and products are composed of systems, while being part of larger systems. Sees that the interactions and relations between components are often as important as the components themselves.

Humility — Comfortable doing all kinds of work; no work “is beneath them”: taking out trash, picking up the mail, etc. Can objectively look at their strengths and weaknesses.


We’re an early-stage company which has implications for work style and preferences. This will change as we progress.

Autonomy — Able to self-direct and plan their own work streams. Unblocks themselves by asking for help or making decisions.

Comfort with uncertainty — Comfortable working and executing with high degrees of uncertainty about the company, the product, and the week’s work. Able to shift gears quickly.

Resilience — Understands the journey and the commitment we’re making to one another and the company. Is able to work in an unstable environment, handling the ups and downs of early startup life.

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Skills are obviously role dependent, but we are committed to finding ways that allow you to best demonstrate your skills as best as possible. We will work with you to structure the interview process.

We look for people who are self-starters and have a proven high-rate of change (though we know this may not manifest through job titles). We don’t look for experience at specific schools, education level, or companies.

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Think this sounds like you? Find out about open positions or email careers@range.co.

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What we look for
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