Automatically send meeting actions to other tools

Using Zapier to sync action items to your favorite task tracking tools

For the purpose of this article we'll use Asana as the destination for synced action items, however Zapier can send meeting actions to numerous other tools including Trello, GitHub, ClickUp, or even a plain old spreadsheet.

Step 1: Getting started

Head on over to Zapier and select Range's New Meeting Action trigger and Asana's Create Task action. Try this link as a shortcut.

Screenshot of Zapier showing Zap creation for Range and Asana

Step 2: Set up the Range trigger

Next, authorize your Range account, making sure you are on version 2.1.1 or higher.

Then select the team who owns the meeting. Select the meeting you want to sync and choose whether or not to sync action items from private topics.

Screenshot of the Zapier trigger creation flow

Step 3: Set up the Asana action

When setting up the Asana action you can customize how the action item shows up to suit your usecase. Use the "Content" field to get the action item itself, and "Agenda Item Name" and "Agenda Item Notes" to get details of the meeting topic where the action came from.

Screenshot of setting up the Asana action in Zapier.

Step 4: Wrapping up

Once you are done, test and enable the Zap. Then sit back and wait for your next meeting. Action items will be synced to Asana automatically. Note there may be a 15 minute delay in delivery.

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