Connect Range and Linear with Zapier

Automatically send your Linear activity to Range for more complete Check-ins

Using Zaps to connect Range to various tools and apps allows you to automatically send work from an app to Range. In Range, these actions, such as creating a new issue, updating the status of a task, or commenting on an item, then show up as suggestions in Range for you to include in your daily Check-ins.

Getting started

Create your Zapier account

Before beginning, a Zapier account is necessary to use Zaps and connect Range with other apps. If you do not already have an account, visit the Range profile page on the Zapier website.

Create your Range account

You will need to have a Range account. Click here to create your account if you don’t already have one.

Create your Linear account

You will also need to have a Linear account. Click here if you need to create an account.

Completing the Zap template

Range-created Zap templates are available for the following Linear events:

  • New comments
  • New issues
  • Updated issues

You may notice that there are other supported triggers and actions that can be connected. While we have not created templates for these Zaps, follow the steps below to create the connection.

Creating the trigger

Select the Zap

  • To connect the Range and Linear Zap, head to Zapier’s Linear + Range page. Once there, select the trigger or action you want to send an update to Range.

Enter your Linear user account info

  • In the top left of your screen, you will be prompted to name your Zap. Consider giving it a name relevant to the trigger or action used in the Zap.
  • Next, select your account from the Account dropdown and click Continue.

Set up trigger

  • During this step you’re setting up the connecting to your specific account and Linear team (this step is required). Select your team.
  • When you’re done, click Test trigger. If the test passes, continue and click the + symbol to continue creating the Zap.

Setting the action

After clicking the + symbol a window will appear with different apps to connect to this Zap. Select Range if it is visible. If you do not see Range, type the name in the text field that reads ‘Search apps.’

Select an action event

  • From the dropdown menu, select ‘Record Interaction.’ This will send the activity from Linear to Range once the trigger is registered.
  • Click Continue.

Choose your Range account

  • Select your Range account from the dropdown. You should see the email attached to your Range account here.

Note: You may be prompted to log in to your Range account. If this happens, log in and you will be able to continue setting up the Zap.

Set up the action

This is where you will decide which inputs are sent from Linear to Range. While some of these fields are optional, a few are required.

  • Interaction Type (optional): COMMENTED (new comments); CREATED (new issues); STATUS UPDATED (updated issues)
  • Attachment Source ID: ID
  • Provider: linear
  • Provider Name: Linear
  • Type (optional): ISSUE
  • Attachment Name: Title
  • Attachment URL: URL

Note: If you leave the setup process and later return you may find you are not able to edit these fields. Click Refresh fields and you will be able to edit them.

When you’re done, click Continue and then click Test and continue.

If the test is successful, click Turn on Zap and you’re all done!

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