How to include activity from Dropbox in your Range Check-in

How it works

Range will create suggestions for files you add or edit inside your Dropbox folders. The Dropbox integration does not pick up Dropbox Paper documents. Dropbox Paper support is currently available through the Range Chrome Extension.

When you write a Check-in on Range, you can choose to include a Dropbox suggestion in your Check-in. If you do this, Range will create a dropbox share link so that others can access the file, and notify you that it's done so on your behalf.


Dropbox is connected on a per user basis from the integration settings page. Simply click Link Dropbox and go through the authentication flow.

Security considerations

Dropbox uses OAuth and requests the default scopes provided by the API. A centralized webhook receives events for all linked accounts and suggestions are created for files created and edited. Range persists the following data for Dropbox files:

  • File Name
  • Modified Time
  • File Path
  • Share Link

Due to the nature of the Dropbox API, when a suggestion is added to a Check-in, a share link will be requested which may provide direct access to a file that wasn’t previously available. This link is only created after publishing the Check-in. If you do not want the link to be available, you can either remove the suggestion before publishing, or deactivate the link in Dropbox after.

Known Issues

When unlinking Dropbox, you'll need to click Unlink from Range's integration settings page, but you should also visit Dropbox's connected apps page and click Disconnect for the Range app to fully de-authorize the connection. Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to fully unlink things from our side.

Connect Dropbox

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