Getting started with integrations

How to connect your tools to make Check-ins easier

What this article covers:

  • Integrations make writing an update easier
  • How to set up integrations
  • How to use integrations
  • What activity shows up in Range
  • Don’t see activity that you expect to see?
Check-in suggestions from connected integrations

Integrations make writing an update easier

Most teams use several tools to do work throughout the day. Switching between them and updating on progress for each throughout the day can lead to work silos and duplicated effort.

Range brings your tools together in one place, letting you share work with your team and stay on top of what's going on. Connect your messaging apps, project management tools, CRMs, and docs to Range and share any work with your team.

When you add these integrations to your Range workspace, writing a Check-in is even faster because all your work is in one place. You see items from your other tools in the Check-in side pane, and you can drag and drop suggested docs, meetings, and tasks assigned to you into your Check-in. Linking your tools helps you spend less time searching, copying, and pasting documents and more time focusing.

How to set up integrations

Setting up integrations is straight forward. Just link your tools from within Range, and you’ll start to see new activity from your linked tools. You can also do this in the sidebar.

Worth noting that for some of the native integrations that support OAuth like Jira or Asana, you may need an administrator to set it up. But we're here to help with that if you need it.

How to use Integrations

Add calendar events, docs, assigned tasks, goals, and messages to your update in seconds. Drag or use the arrows to insert an item into your Plan section or put completed items into What's happened. In case you missed it, here's a bit more detail about writing a great Check-in.

What activity shows up in Range

What activity shows up in the sidebar of the compose screen will depend on what integrations you have enabled. See the full list of tools we support here.

Activity for Check-ins in Range is based on your recent actions. For Google Docs and Dropbox, for example, Range will suggest for you to add recent edits, comments, or new files that you've created. And for tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, or Github, the items will be things that are assigned to you. You can also add your recurring meetings from Range.

Range also lets you refresh the activity sidebar or clear all items if they are not useful for you at the moment.

Tip: the Range Chrome extension is another useful way to capture and add documents that you work on throughout the day to your Check-ins. It gets you more apps like Apollo, Confluence, Medium, and Quip.

Don’t see activity that you expect to see?

New activity will come in as you use your linked tools. For example, if an Asana task is assigned to you after you link, you’ll see that in Range. But you won’t see past Asana tasks assigned to you. We do our best to load past activity when we can, such as activity in Google Drive, but it’s not always possible.

If there’s activity you expect to see from your linked tools, please let us know! Sometimes we don’t have API access to pull in all activity (like Asana tasks that are not in a shared project). But sometimes we can easily add it. We’re always working on making our integrations better.

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