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Checking in on how your team is feeling with emojis and red / yellow / green

It might feel a bit unusual or silly to share how you’re feeling, but there are a lot of benefits to checking in with your team in this way. Perhaps most importantly is that sharing your mood helps to establish an environment of psychological safety.

Psychological safety, or the ability to show emotion without the fear of negative consequences, is essential when it comes to team effectiveness.

Using mood check-ins in Range

The red / yellow / green check-in is a personal check-in practice used by individuals on a team to express how they’re showing up for the day or heading into a meeting.

“Red” means you might be feeling distressed or distracted, struggling to focus, or generally anxious, unsettled, or unwell.

“Green” means you’re feeling good. You might be focused, excited, or relaxed. Most of all, you’re ready for the day, discussion, or meeting ahead of you.

“Yellow” means you’re somewhere in between. You might be feeling uncertain or pensive, not altogether certain how you expect your day to go.

Mood Check-In in Range

If you’re feeling a bit downcast as you look ahead to the day or week ahead of you, then you’re probably operating at “yellow.” And, conveniently, that’s precisely where you’ll find the pensive emoji. 😔

We’ve categorized a handful of go-to emojis for your convenience, but you can select your choice of 1800+ emojis under any color. So, while you might be nursing a recent injury 🤕, you can still check-in as “green,” letting your team know you’re ready to seize each and every opportunity ahead of you today.

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