How to share what you’re listening to on your Range profile

How it works

Range can display what you’re currently jamming to on Spotify. You’ll also be able to see what anyone else on your team is currently listening to if they’ve connected Spotify.

On your Range profile, you’ll see the currently playing song in the sidebar.


Spotify is connected on a per user basis from the integration settings page. Simply click Link Spotify and go through the authentication flow.

You can also go through this flow from your profile.

Privacy considerations

Range will only display your currently playing song. This data is requested when someone visits your profile and is not persisted.

If you have Private listening enabled, Range will not see what you’re listening to.

Feedback wanted

This Spotify integration is the first of many potential integrations that aims to provide more ambient information about teammates' presence, e.g. local timezone, Slack status, etc. Have something you’d like to see? Let us know at

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