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An All-Hands meeting, or town hall meeting, is a recurring virtual or in-person gathering that, as the name implies, involves all members of an organization. Typically, an All-Hands is facilitated by an organization’s leadership team but includes moments of cross-functional connection, as well as updates from individual teams.


1. Check-in: Kudos & Gratitude ( 5 mins )

Call out team members for an act of kindness, a moment of effective collaboration, a growth/learning arc, or a job well done.

2. Quick Announcements ( 5 mins )

Share people-related updates with the whole org, including work anniversaries, birthdays, new hires, and upcoming company holidays.

3. Company Snapshot ( 15 mins )

Review your organization’s mission, vision, and values, as well as key metrics.

4. Team Updates ( 15 mins )

Have team leaders add their own agenda topics in advance or dynamically during the meeting. Have each team share key projects, initiatives, and metrics.

5. Larger Org-Wide Topics ( 20 mins )

What is a topic that the whole org would benefit from reviewing and discussing together? What are some milestones, updates, or setbacks that the whole org needs to be aware of?

6. Guest Speaker & Games ( 15 mins )

Take a moment to switch up the focus and format of a meeting can help to foster engagement and connection.

7. Q&A / AMA ( 10 mins )

Company leaders answer any remaining questions that have come up during the meeting and/or that are top of mind for employees.

8. Check-out ( 5 mins )

Close the meeting with a quick check-out round. Depending on the size of the group, you may ask how team members are feeling (using traffic light or weather analogies), answer a team-building question verbally (meeting size permitting), or have people type a response to a check-out question in the chat.

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