Customer Experience Team Meeting

How Mariah Hay, Chief Experience Officer at Help Scout, runs a cross-functional meeting to improve customer experience

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In this cross-functional meeting with product, sales, customer support, and marketing, teammates share learnings, progress, and upcoming communication about improving the customer experience.

Mariah Hay is the Chief Experience Officer at Help Scout, and helping teams collaborate on improving the experience of customers is key to her role. For Hay, this meeting helps multiple teams collaborate on what they’re hearing from customers, choosing what to work on, and assessing how it’s going.

This meeting can help any cross-functional product, sales, and marketing team to gain big-picture context as a team and discuss the magnitude and impact of different opportunities—all while avoiding lots of 1:1s or individual pings in Slack.

Tip: You’ll see most sections in this meeting are quite short. That’s because Mariah Hay runs her meeting with a detailed pre-read where each team shares their updates and open questions in advance. That way, the meeting can be focused on discussion points. To run this meeting like Mariah Runs it, consider having each team share updates in a doc in advance and limiting live discussion to key highlights, blockers, or issues for discussion.


1. Opening Round ( 2 mins )

Take turns sharing how everyone is doing coming into the meeting

2. Product Roadmap ( 1 mins )

Product shares new or updated product roadmaps that improve the customer experience. Product includes request for research or discovery to support the roadmap.

3. Sales Themes ( 1 mins )

Sales share the win / loss / request themes from previous month including specific case studies highlighting jobs to be done and churn risks.

4. Support Highlights ( 1 mins )

Support share volume of support on current offerings, trends in feature requests, and top feauires that customers are struggling to find, understand, or use.

5. Marketing Learnings & Launches ( 1 mins )

Product marketing shares the performance of messaging and campaigns over the past month, upcoming launches, and ongoing research.

6. Dynamic Agenda ( 15 mins )

A space for the team to raise topics of unresolved issues or small group discussions that others should be aware of.

7. Closing Round ( 2 mins )

A space for the team to share reflections on the meeting including suggestions for adapting the process.

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