Project Kick-Off Meeting

Start your project off strong with shared cross-team alignment

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Project kick offs are important for building alignment upfront — valuable time spent strengthening relationships and getting clear on desired outcomes saves everyone time throughout the project.

Ideally, share a document beforehand with pre-reading on context for the project.


1. Opening Round ( 5 mins )

Quick intros if everyone doesn’t already know each other. Share how you are doing today.

2. Project Context ( 5 mins )

Share context and background on the “why” behind the project. What metrics are you hoping to drive? How does it fit into the larger picture? What is the desired outcome?

3. What's Important? ( 10 mins )

Go around the room and give everyone an opportunity to share what’s important to them about the project and how you all work together. You’ll be surprised at what comes up.

4. Build an Agenda ( 2 mins )

Dynamically collect topics that are needed for a successful project kick-off. As you go through each of the items, make sure to capture action items and notes!

5. Closing Round ( 5 mins )

End the meeting with any final thoughts, or answer an icebreaker question.

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