First One-on-One Meeting

Questions that Lara Hogan asks during a first 1:1 with a new report.

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Lara Hogan is an author, public speaker, and coach to managers across the tech industry. In 2016 she published a list of questions she asks during first 1:1s to build rapport and start the relationship off on a strong footing.

Lara recommends keeping track of the answer in a doc for each person. You can then refer back to them in the future when you need to give a person feedback, recognize them, or support them.

Read Lara's post for more background on why she asks these questions/


1. Intro

Ask how are things going and set the stage for why you are asking these questions.

2. Grumpiness

  • What makes you grumpy?
  • How will I know when you’re grumpy?
  • How can I help you when you’re grumpy?

3. Feedback & Recognition

  • How do you like feedback - the medium (IRC, email, in person, etc.)
  • How do you like feedback - routine like in 1:1s, or as-it-happens
  • How do you prefer to receive recognition? (public or private)

4. Goals and Support

  • What makes 1:1s the most valuable for you?
  • What are your goals for this year? And for the next 3 months?
  • What do you need from your manager?
  • From your team? (this one is good if the 1:1 is with someone who manages people, but is typically relevant for IC’s, too)
  • From your peers? (outside the team)

5. The Wordy Question

Human learning and growth requires the right amount of four things: new challenges, low ego, space to reflect and brainstorm, and timely and clear feedback. How are these four going for you? Is there one you need more or less of?

6. The Most Important Question

  • What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?

7. Outro

Is there anything else that would be useful for me to know at this time?

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