Leadership Team Meeting

Invest in your senior leadership team to make sure you’re rowing in the same direction

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A leadership team meeting is a recurring meeting where senior leadership gets together to build alignment and make important decisions for the business.


1. Opening Round ( 5 mins )

Share a little bit about how you’re doing, what’s top of mind for you, what you’re excited about, or any personal highlights.

2. Metrics ( 4 mins )

Review high-level metrics or deep-dive into a particular interesting area. This may generate agenda topics — add them to the meeting’s agenda.

3. Team Updates ( 7 mins )

Share high-level updates for each team or function. You might try using a framework like GROW (goal, reality, obstacles, wins) to add a bit of structure to this section.

4. Project Review ( 10 mins )

Projects don’t always fit neatly into a function like “Engineering” or “Marketing.” For projects that span multiple functions, or that executives are taking on, you may track them at the executive level, and review them here.

5. Build an Agenda ( 2 mins )

Build an agenda dynamically, or if there is a topic to deep-dive into, you can also add it to the agenda before the meeting and give people an opportunity to collect their thoughts.

6. Meeting Output ( 5 mins )

What outputs from the leadership team meeting feel important to share with different teams? What context is important to share with the company?

7. Closing Round ( 5 mins )

Close out the meeting with a few minutes for personal connection. Go around the room and share any reflections on the meeting, how things are going, or anything on your mind.

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