Leads Sync

Build alignment across different teams with a regular leads sync.

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A recurring meeting between various team leaders is critical to understanding progress on top projects, aligning on priorities, and getting a pulse check across different teams.


1. Opening Round ( -3 mins )

Go around the room and share how you are all doing today.

2. Metrics Review ( 5 mins )

Look over the most important metrics to assess how the teams are tracking towards their goals and call out any important numbers.

3. Celebrate Wins ( 10 mins )

Celebrate recent accomplishments from your team with the other leads. This is a great opportunity to acknowledge hard work from teammates and share gratitude for the hard work that was done.

4. Top Priorities and Progress ( 20 mins )

For each top initiative, have the responsible leader share what the recent progress was. Make sure that everyone has a clear understanding on what these initiatives are and what successful outcomes look like.

5. Build an Agenda ( 2 mins )

Go around the room and share what specific topics each member wants to cover in this meeting, that are relevant to the group. These can be team updates, issues, change in direction on specific projects, etc.

6. Closing Round ( 3 mins )

Take a moment to check out of the meeting with a fun icebreaker question. This is a fun way to learn about the other team leads and end on a high note.

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