Voltage Control: Making Change Meeting

A meeting that'll activate change through experimentation when your team is feeling stuck.

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Clock90 mins

Change is hard. We hear this all the time, so much so that we start to believe it’s true.

However, the team at Voltage Control reminds us that while change takes effort, planning, support, and courage… it doesn’t have to be hard to start making impactful change in your work today.

This meeting agenda is used in group coaching with clients to drive momentum by experimenting with bite-sized, high-impact, actionable changes.

Teams who are looking to learn, grow, and sustain change across their work sometimes don’t know where to start, but when given an opportunity to see change as experiments, they can see the movement and impact firsthand.

This might include experimenting with how they meet virtually, coach and lead their teams, or methods they use to collaborate on innovative solutions.

Try this agenda from Voltage Control if you are feeling stalled or stuck and need to activate change through experimentation!


1. Check-in: Review experiments ( 5 mins )

What change did you try out? How did it go?

2. Debrief: Experiment takeaways ( 10 mins )

What did you learn? How might you iterate on the experiment and try it again?

3. Discuss: Opportunities for change ( 5 mins )

What problems or pain points do we want to address as a team next?

4. Ideation: Play with the problem ( 20 mins )

As a group, make a list of all the ways you can be absolutely sure that this problem will continue to happen and/or get worse.

  • Get creative with it! What ridiculous behaviors or activities will absolutely create or grow this problem?

5. Review: We've got problems ( 20 mins )

Is there anything that we are currently doing that resembles anything on this list?

  • Be honest! Is there anything that even remotely looks or feels like any of these?

6. Generate: Experiment with experiments ( 20 mins )

  • Looking at the lists, create a list of potential experiments that could move the needle of making small changes with high impact on solving the problems. you identified as a team.
  • Think big and think small - what small changes could create a big impact on this problem? Those are your experiments!

7. Close + Commit: Change by changing ( 10 mins )

  • Each participant selects an experiment to commit to testing out before the next meeting.
  • Close the meeting by sharing your experiments with one another and how you plan to implement them.

Voltage Control is a facilitation agency that helps teams work better together with custom-designed meetings and workshops, both in-person and virtual. Their master facilitators offer trusted guidance and custom coaching to companies that want to transform ineffective meetings, reignite stalled projects, and cut through assumptions. Based in Austin, Voltage Control designs and leads public and private workshops that range from small meetings to large conference-style gatherings.

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