How to build a healthy team culture for developers

Team culture isn't just a nice-to-have. Here's how managers can mix technology and compassion to help team members feel supported and inspired to do their best work.

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Humans of DevOps podcast series
Range co-founder Dan Pupius shares the importance of building a team culture that helps developers thrive as humans

Culture can seem like a “nice to have” — but in reality, creating a positive team culture is essential for driving business success.

When people feel happy and fulfilled at work, they are more likely to think creatively, take worthwhile risks, and do their best work.

In this conversation with Jason Baum, Director of Member Experience at DevOps Institute, Range co-founder and CEO Dan Pupius shares how team managers can significantly improve culture, productivity, and employee satisfaction using a mix of technology and compassion.

“A high-trust environment is how you get people to do their best work because they feel much more connected to the purpose of their work, and they feel much more ownership. When there’s a lack of trust, that’s just going to inhibit their ability to be creative, to collaborate, to give feedback.”

- Dan Pupius, co-founder and CEO of Range

This interview originally appeared on the Humans of DevOps podcast in March 2022. Humans of Devops is a podcast series by the DevOps Institute — a continuous learning community, setting the standard for competency-based DevOps training and certification.

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How to build a healthy team culture for developers
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