Hybrid work requires communication tools to keep developers connected

Here are the challenges developers face on hybrid teams, and how the right collaboration tools can help.

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Range co-founder Jen Dennard and other tech leaders share how the right tools can strengthen collaboration on hybrid software dev teams

While the rise of hybrid work has opened up new possibilities for software development teams everywhere, it's also made it more difficult for some developers to connect and collaborate as teammates.

Some of the challenges facing today's hybrid software dev teams include:

  • Managing proximity bias
  • Working on scattered teams
  • Balancing synchronous and asynchronous communication

With the right collaboration and team communication tools, developers can overcome these challenges and feel more connected, even when working in a remote or hybrid context.

This article by SD Times features various perspectives on hybrid communication tools from leaders at GitLab, Loom, ClickUp, and Infragistics — as well as Range's COO and co-founder, Jen Dennard.

"There’s real value in building a foundation of asynchronous communication, where folks can get the information that they need to be empowered in their work, particularly on teams that are split across time zones.”

- Jen Dennard, co-founder and COO of Range

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Hybrid work requires communication tools to keep developers connected
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