Your team’s success is fueled by its rituals. What are yours?

The power of team rituals and how to create them for your distributed workplace

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When we shifted from working together in the office to working remotely from home, something didn’t transition with us to our new virtual office environments: rituals.

Rituals — the habits and tendencies that mark how we come together to interact, collaborate, and communicate — are what make our teams unique. For many, the way we celebrated milestones in the office or the walks to the nearby cafe to get some air and catch up with a teammate were important ways for us to build camaraderie and strengthen our sense of belonging.

What were some of your team’s rituals before transitioning to remote work? Have any of those rituals managed to follow your team online and now, perhaps, back into the office with hybrid work?

For managers looking for ways to help their team reconnect with one another in ways reminiscent of work before the pandemic, there’s a balance to strike between trying too hard and not all when it comes to introducing (or reintroducing) rituals.

In this article for Inc., Range co-founder Dan Pupius shares five simple steps and helpful guidelines to help you create the rituals of a successful distributed workplace and help your team regain that sense of camaraderie while feeling supported and valued.

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Your team’s success is fueled by its rituals. What are yours?
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