How GitLab and InVision hire and onboard remote teammates

Takeaways from Range’s Meetup panel on hiring remote teammates

At Range’s meetup on hiring remote teammates, we got the chance to chat with some experts in remote work from InVision, GitLab, BeyondHQ, and Craft Ventures.

There are many reasons that companies decide to hire remote teammates or open new offices: Madhu Chamarty, CEO of BeyondHQ, shared that companies are looking for access to more talent, lower salary expectations, and even lower operating costs—skip the office lease!

Once a company has decided to expand its locations for talent, leaders are faced with questions around how to find and hire remote teammates. Read on for advice from the people who’ve been there, and sign up to be a part of our next meetup here.

Sourcing — How do you find teammates in other locations?

Interviewing — How do you identify a successful remote teammate?

Onboarding — How can you help a remote teammate get started?

Hiring remote teammates is different from hiring someone to work at your headquarters, so your hiring process has to adjust. We hope these tips helped. If you work on a distributed team, check out Range as a way to keep your team in sync. 😀

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