Diving into Remote Work

a primer

Nick Walsh,Yellow Squiggle
A primer on helping your team dive into remote work

Working remotely can bring big changes to a team. It often seems straightforward at first (just ratchet up the video conferencing and IMing) but soon the “fabric of work” starts to break down. Progress slows, feedback loops fail, teams feel less connected.

An increasing number of events — from storms to the coronavirus — are prompting many teams to dive headfirst into working remotely, ready or not.

For many, the natural inclination can be to quietly freak out — how am I going to lead my team while we’re all working from home? Everything is different! And while things are different, the practices and systems that make remote work work are often quite similar to the best practices and learnings for co-located teams, just with a bit more video and intentionality.

To help teams get up to speed on the world of remote work fast, we’ve put together a Remote Work Primer. It’s a free download and covers issues to watch out for and solutions to try, as well as how-to’s that offer some concrete tips for adapting common team success practices like meetings and 1:1s to a remote setting.

We hope this will help you quickly establish practices that foster transparency, keep people aligned to a common purpose, maintain a sense of belonging, and support team success, even when everyone isn’t the same place.

We also have additional articles covering remote work, including a

Glossary: Remote vs. Distributed, our blog post How to Lead a Distributed Team, and our webinar on remote employee engagement.

Download the remote work primer

To learn more about getting your team ready for remote work, click here to download the primer.

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Diving into Remote Work
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