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Solving micromanagement when managing remote teams

Webinars: Overcoming micromanagement as a remote manager

Michael Boykin, March 18, 2020

The future of work is remote, and that future is now. According to FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, remote work grew by 44% in the past five years and by 91% over the last ten.

But managing remote and distributed teams can be a challenge. If you're used to traditional office environments, ones where you can look over someone's shoulder and see what they are working on, then the distance can lead to questions of what remote team members are up to and how effective they are with their time. And before you realize it, you're micromanaging.

At Range, we think a lot about the best ways to manage remote work. That’s why we invited Jevin Maltais, a consultant at Building Remote Teams, to join Range co-founder, Jennifer Dennard, for a discussion on empowering remote teamwork without micromanagement.

In this webinar (and in the slides), you’ll learn the principles, practices, and tips Jennifer and Jevin have employed over the years to lead and empower remote workers while successfully avoiding micromanagement.

Solving micromanagement when managing remote teams
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