The Guide to Windowed Work

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When we first published our article that introduced the concept of Windowed Work—It’s time to rethink the workweek—we were happily surprised how much it resonated.

As COVID created a strange new normal of WFHWK (working from home with kids), we heard more and more about how organizations were struggling to get a grip on a very different version of remote work. People wanted to know more about how breaking the workweek into disjointed work blocks could help teams and managers balance well-being and performance in this new paradigm.

And following our article, Robert Half conducted a survey on Windowed Work and found 73% of respondents found it leads to improved productivity.

It feels like an opportune time to cast a critical eye on the 100-year old model of our workweek. So to help you and your teams rethink your workweek and improve team effectiveness, we’re excited to offer "The Guide to Windowed Work" as a free eBook download.

Download: The Guide to Windowed Work

It covers:

  • How the workweek came to be and why we should evaluate it as a technology
  • How rethinking the workweek can help your team
  • The framework for Windowed Work we use at Range
  • A template to create your own work blocks
  • And a template for a Personal Collaboration Handbook for you and your team

We hope you find this useful as you continue to support yourself and your teams in this very unique version of remote work during the pandemic. And we hope this continues the larger conversation of how we can all reassess our working practices to make work better.

If you'd like to share how you’re approaching rethinking your workweek, we’d love to hear about it. Drop us a line at or on Twitter @RangeDotCo.

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The Guide to Windowed Work
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