Getting your team onboard

The Manager's Onboarding Guide, Part 2

Now that you’ve got Range ready for your team, it’s time to get your team ready for Range.

Topics covered in this help article:

  1. Draft an announcement to your team
  2. Invite teammates to your workspace
  3. Do a team onboarding/kick-off or share async vids

📣 Draft an announcement to your team

When you ask your team to adopt a new tool, it always helps to be clear on why you’d like to make the change and what value everyone can get out of it. The following exercise will help you do just that.

✏️ Exercise: Sell your team on Range

Write down answers to the below questions — they’ll help inform your email draft or talking points in the next step.

What does a more effective version of our team look like? What potential can we unlock with Range?


  • Our team has the potential to hit our quarterly OKRs consistently.
  • At our most effective, our team can meet our goal of delivering a high-quality product.
  • I believe we can reduce team burnout.

What are we trying to solve with Range? What’s not working so well right now?


  • Team feels isolated — folks aren’t sure what everyone’s working on.
  • We have too many meetings — there’s no time to actually get work done.
  • Standups are too long and don’t work for everyone’s schedules. 

How can Range help solve these problems?


  • Build a habit of sharing work regularly with minimal effort, making it easier to stay in-sync.
  • Move status updates out of meetings — shortening them and creating space for discussion on bigger questions and thorny problems.
  • Replace our standups, moving them to async to free up time and fit better with everyone’s schedules.

📝 Team email template

Use your answers from above to fill in the blanks. (Click here to copy a plain text version of this template and use it yourself.)

Hi folks,

Lately, I’ve been excited about the potential for our team to __________________ but right now we’re struggling because ______________________. To help, I’ve been researching a new tool called Range that helps teams stay in sync and feel connected. We’ll be using Range to _______________ [process] to achieve  ______________________.

Starting ___________ [day], we’ll be using Range to ______________ every _______ [Insert your workflow from module 1].

This Getting Started Guide has everything you need to get started—videos, explanations, and tips. From there, you’ll just log in at

I’ll check back in later this week to see how things are going!

[Your name]

If you plan to communicate with your team in a meeting or over Slack, this can be easily adapted for talking points too.

👋 Invite teammates to your workspace

Once you’ve got your email or talking points drafted, it’s time to invite your team to Range.

To add team members, go to your Team Settings page and click “Add new team member” in the right side menu. Type in your teammates’ email addresses (you can click “Add many at once” for larger teams) and click “Send invites.” You can include the message you drafted in the previous step too, if you’d like.

GIF adding teammate to team in Range

You can add or remove people from a team at any time. Just click the more options button (...) next to the person’s name on the team member’s list and select “Remove.”

🙋 Hold a team kick-off

To help with team-wide adoption, it’s best to plan a clear date when you’ll start using Range together and provide resources to help folks feel successful from their first Check-in onward.

💭 What should our kick-off look like?

Here are a few examples of how we see teams run successful kickoffs with Range.

  • Running it entirely asynchronously — sharing videos, tips, and support over Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email
  • Holding a lunch and learn to walk through Range, ask questions, and share a first Check-in together
  • Sharing asynchronously and using part of a Team Meeting later that day for questions and feedback
  • Using an existing daily standup to get the hang of things together — and then eventually replacing that standup with async Check-ins

No matter what format you choose, give folks an opportunity to share feedback and schedule a time you’ll check back in to see how everything’s going. You can also lead the way by sharing your Check-in first. When it comes to adapting to any new tool or process, modeling the behaviors you want to see from your team is one of the most powerful ways to encourage change.

💡Add a kick-off date to the team calendar

Put it on people’s schedules when you send out or make your announcement. That way, it’ll be easier for everyone to remember and the whole team can start together.

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