How to get the most out of Range

The most successful teams on Range have a few things in common. Learn from their experience, and get the most out of Range!

1. A Check-in a day keeps the chaos away

Daily check-ins can seem like a lot — do we really have enough news to share each day? But what we've found is that writing daily check-ins makes writing easier — your work from yesterday is already there. Plus, daily writing builds a habit, making it so you don't have to think about updating Range — you just do it.

2. You can never have too many thanks

It seems simple: You're just hearting someone's check-in. But it means a lot. Sometimes it's hard to know if folks are aware of your work, but just a small ❤️ on Range can let someone know that you are aware and that you're grateful. Plus, it builds up over time, so you can look back, and see your most thanked items.

3. Don't forget your integrations

Did you know Range integrates with Slack, Google Drive, Asana, Github, and Jira? That means that if you work on a Google doc, complete a task in Asana, or merge a PR in Github, they'll automatically appear in your compose view, so you can include them in your Check-in. Learn more about getting your integrations set up.

4. Always answer the daily question

We know: The daily question can seem like one more thing you have to do, but trust us, it actually helps your team work better together. The team questions are designed to help your team get to know one another, so you can build up psychological safety, which is the top predictor of team success. We recommend trying to be as open and honest as you can — even if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Your team is there to support you. 😊

5. Use hashtags to organize your work

Standups are usually all about the now, which means it can be hard to look back and see what happened a month ago or even last week. With Range, you can use the Review page to look back on what you and your team have shared. It's most useful, however, if you're using #hashtags to organize your work. You can use tags to identify different projects ( or different types of work (e.g., finance, product). Then, overtime, you'll be able to see all the work that was done for that project or function. Learn more.

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