How to run your standup on Range

Running a remote daily standup on Range

Good standups help teams stay informed, celebrate great work, plan what’s next, and build relationships. If your team is remote, it’s harder to get the same benefits of an in-person stand up. With Range, you can run a remote stand up and achieve the same benefits as an in-person stand up: connection, team bonding, and effective collaboration.

Steps to run a successful standup on Range

  1. Discuss what content is valuable to share with the team on Range.
  2. Choose a time by which everyone should check in on Range.
  3. Choose a time by which everyone should read the check-ins and react on Range.
  4. Start your remote standup!
  5. Discuss how the remote standup is going. Decide if there are tweaks you could make to make your standup even more valuable.

Remote standups are as powerful as your check-ins. Range makes it easier to share what you are doing, so you can focus on providing relevant context.

Share what your tasks are for the day.

  • Provide context on your tasks, so your teammates understand what you are working on.
  • What needs feedback?
  • What do others need to know about what you’re working on?
  • What is blocked? Why is it blocked?
  • What do you want to celebrate with your team? 🎉

Share what you did yesterday.

  • What did you accomplish?
  • Did you get great feedback?
  • Did you get unblocked?
  • Did you reach an outcome or decision in a meeting that you want to share?

Answer the team question and pick a mood 😊 💖 😔 💪

Try our scrum meeting template in Range

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