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Quick troubleshooting tips for our most popular integrations


What to do when the Slack integration is disconnecting or deactivating

Whether you’ve been using Range in Slack for months or are adding the Range app to Slack for the first time, you may find that Range content does not appear in Slack as expected. For example, you may notice that your Slack workspace is giving Range permission to verify your identity but is not allowing Range to post in your Slack workspace. If you encounter any issues with the Range<>Slack connection, try the following steps:

  1. Have a Slack admin visit the Settings page in Range, click “Remove” from the Slack integration, and then click “Add Slack” and re-authorize Range.
  2. Confirm that no other Slack admins at your organization are removing the Range app from the Slack control panel.

Still experiencing issues? Please chat with support or send an email to

What to do when you’re receiving more or fewer notifications than expected

Let’s say you are not receiving sufficient Range notifications in Slack, such as reminders to share Check-ins or threaded summaries of your team’s Check-ins. Maybe you are receiving excessive notifications — e.g. you are receiving a Slack message every time a teammate shares a Check-in, but you would prefer to receive one notification with a summary of everyone’s Check-ins.

In either case, here are the steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Double-check your Range notification settings in Slack.

    Once you’ve subscribed a shared Slack channel to a particular team in Range, you can double-check your Range notification settings for that channel by typing the shortcut /range subscriptions. Click “Edit” next to the team’s name to adjust the types of updates you receive in the channel. You can opt into or out of the following notification types:

    - Check-ins notifications
    - Meeting notes notifications
    - Goals notifications

    Turn threading “On” if you’d like to receive one thread per day with your team’s Check-ins, or turn it “Off” to receive each Check-in as a separate message in the channel. Be sure to click “Save” once you’ve made those edits.

  2. Visit your notification settings in Range.

    Under Settings → Notifications, you can review and adjust how Range notifies you to share reminders and alert you of new activity. Select or deselect the checkbox next to Slack under the following categories to manage the types of alerts you receive via the Range App for Slack:

    - Reminders — Get reminded to share a Check-in with your team.
    - Check-in summary — Get a summary of Check-ins shared by your teams when they're ready.
    - Check-ins (Full text) — A real-time alert when any of your teammates share a Check-in.
    - New mentions — Get notified when people mention you in their Check-ins (using @display_name).
    - New comments — A real-time alert when people comment on your work, or when people reply to a comment you made.
    - New emoji reactions — Slack/Desktop: A real-time alert when a new person adds an emoji reaction to your work. Email: A summary of new reactions to your work, up to three times a day.

    - Status updates — Get notified about status updates on Goals that you or one of your teams owns.
    - Weekly reminders — Get notified at 10am on Mondays to update your Goals if you haven’t already updated them all in the past week.

    Meeting reminders

    Team membership changes


What to do when the Jira integration is working for some users but not others

  1. Be sure each member of your Range workspace has linked their Jira identities to Range.

    There are two steps to connecting Jira and Range. First, an admin for your organization needs to set up the Jira integration for your organization. See instructions for admin here. Second, each teammate who wants to receive Jira suggestions in Range will need to link their own Jira identity to Range by finding Jira in their integration settings, clicking “Link,” and following the authorization steps.
  2. Try a different account linking method

    There are two possible ways to link your Jira account to Range: (1) using your email address and (2) using your Jira Account ID. If one method is not working, you can troubleshoot by unlinking Jira from your Range account and attempting the other method. Visit your integration settings, re-link Jira, and enter either your Jira Account ID or the email address associated with your Jira account into the dialog box.

Wondering how to link your Jira identity to Range? Learn more.

What to do when Jira data is not showing up in Range as expected

With the Jira and Range integration, you can pull Jira issues directly into async Check-ins and easily share what you’re focusing on each day — without copying and pasting links. Once an admin has connected the two tools, any Jira issues that you interact with will appear in your activity sidebar on the Compose page of Range, where you can drag and drop them into the “Plan” or “What happened” section of your Check-in.

Here is the Jira data you can expect to see in your activity sidebar once you connect Jira and Range. You'll see suggestions for Jira issues and sub-tasks in Range when:

- You create an issue and assign it to someone
- You reassign an issue to someone else or an issue is assigned to you
- You update an issue's status or an issue that's assigned to you has its status updated
- You resolve an issue or an issue that's assigned to you is resolved

If it seems that Jira issues are appearing in Range sporadically or if you do not see the expected content in your activity sidebar, try the following troubleshooting tactics:

  1. Disconnect and re-link the integration under your integration settings
  2. When viewing Jira suggestions in your activity sidebar, select all five filter options:

    - Added
    - Assigned
    - Created
    - Resolved
    - Status updated

    Then, click “Refresh” at the bottom of your activity sidebar.
  3. Check that your Jira issues are assigned to members of your Range workspace. If not, they will not appear in your activity sidebar.

Note: Some users expect to see all of their existing Jira issues in their activity sidebar — but keep in mind that the integration will not work retroactively. You will not see items that you created before you installed the integration, unless you interact with those tickets again after you’ve set up the integration.

Google Calendar/Drive

If your Google Drive and/or Google Calendar account are repeatedly unlinking from your Range workspace, it is usually an issue on Google's side where they flag it and keep disconnecting the integration.

The steps to fix it are:

  1. Unlink Google Drive (and Google Calendar, if you have that linked too) from your integration settings in Range.
  2. Go to, find Range in the list of "Third-party apps with account access" and then click it and click "Remove access."
  3. Wait 1-7 days.
  4. Relink Google Drive (and Google Calendar) from the Range settings page.

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