Customer Feedback Meeting

Use this template to gather, track, and analyze feedback from customers.

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A customer feedback meeting is a meeting with customers to gather useful feedback about your product.

Using a standardized template for feedback calls can ensure that the feedback is easy to track.

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1. Opening Round ( 2 mins )

Go around the room and share how you are all doing today.

2. Outline Meeting Agenda ( 4 mins )

Discuss your specific goals for the call. What topics you want to cover in the feedback session? Ask the customer if there are specific items they want to cover and make sure everyone is aligned on the agenda.

3. Feedback Questions ( 15 mins )

Use the bulk of the meeting to dig into the specific topic you came into the meeting with and ask follow up questions to get to the heart of the issues.

4. Requests and Issues ( 2 mins )

Allow the customer to share their experience with the product. Having an open-ended conversation about any issues or feature requests they have is a great way to uncover things you wouldn’t have thought about.

5. Closing Round ( 4 mins )

Recap what was discussed on the call, the feedback the customer provided, and any next step. To end the call on a fun note, use an icebreaker question to get to know each other better.

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