Project Review Meeting

Regular weekly check-ins to move projects forward.

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A project review meeting brings teams together to check in on cross-functional projects—remove blockers, empower owners, and get more done with weekly check-ins.

Tip: Share project status in a pre-reading before the meeting. Highlight blockers and key discussion topics in advance.


1. Opening Round ( 3 mins )

Share how you are doing today.

2. Notable Updates and Blockers ( 5 mins )

Each team lead shares project updates that impact timeline or other teams, plus blockers. Try to keep each project under 1 minute and add emergent discussion topics to the discussion agenda.

3. Discussion

Each team lead adds topics for discussion today. These may include topics highlighted in the pre-reading or emergent topics from blockers and notable updates.

4. Planning ( 5 mins )

Review the next week’s plans. Make updates where necessary based on discussion.

5. Closing Round ( 2 mins )

Share your reflections on the meeting.

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