Fostering culture and connections in a remote world

Webinar: A deep dive into strengthening remote team culture

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Whatever we once considered normal, this isn’t it.

Now, because of the global pandemic, nearly half of the US workforce is remote, according to an April 2020 survey from MIT. But the transition we’ve all been going through over the past few months is different from what people, teams, and companies typically experience when they adopt remote work strategies.

“I don’t think this feels like working from home or remote work. We’re all stuck at home trying to get work done. When we’re building remote work environments or remote teams we can be deliberate and plan. [With COVID-19] we couldn’t.” — Juan Pablo Buriticá

Stress and anxiety levels are peaking, and isolation and feelings of loneliness are at a high for many. This transition directly affects our ability to come together, connect, and carry out the same work and responsibilities we’re used to managing.

“We’re all going to have this shared experience at the end of this process that will be a common thread that unites us.” — Jennifer Dennard

This struggle is very real, and it’s important we talk about it. So, we brought together a few area experts to discuss and share practices, tips, and resources to help teams and leaders of teams better connect and support each other during this time.

Range co-founder Jennifer Dennard was joined by Janine O’Neill, Director of Human Capital at Sequoia Capital, Juan Pablo Buriticá, co-author of The Holloway Guide to Remote Work and former VP of Engineering at, and Casey McKerchie, VP of Operations at Calm. What unfolded was a very engaging discussion on recognizing this moment for what it is and exploring ways to combat the breakdown in culture and connectedness (that many teams are experience right now) in an effort to keep the fabric of work strong and finding ways to foster team culture.

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Resources shared during the webinar:

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Fostering culture and connections in a remote world
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