Jen, Dan, and Jean from Range talk about hybrid work

Lead Time Newsletter #72

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Jen, Dan, and Jean from Range discuss hybrid work.

  • Dan Pupius (co-founder of Range) and Jen Dennard (co-founder of Range) talk with Jean (VP of Engineering at Range) about hybrid work
  • Some of the more effective hybrid return-to-office rollouts we’ve heard about, and others that…could be better.
  • Remote and hybrid work policies can be wildly inconsistent and frustrating
  • Companies will gain reputations for how remote-friendly they actually are
  • In-office employees may not actually be getting serendipitous collaboration
  • Employees still have a lot of agency in choosing where they work

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How Facebook does product management

Productify by Bandan

  • Product teams own the problem and the outcome expected
  • PMs define strategy
  • Engineers drive outcomes

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Zuckerberg has a $10 billion plan to make it impossible for workers to hide from their bosses


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Being an introverted leader


  • It is not a problem to be solved
  • Capitalize on your strengths
  • Find recharge moments

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Worried about quiet quitting? Create an environment where it doesn’t happen

Jen Dennard, co-founder of Range, at Reworked

  • How far outside of your normal job is too far?
  • Be honest with yourself (and new hires) about the expectations for a role
  • Plan for a reduced team

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Goal Setting Memes for 2023


  • Memes to kick off your 2023 goal setting

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Jen, Dan, and Jean from Range Talk about Hybrid Work
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