Preparing your team for remote work webinar


An increasing number of events — from storms to the coronavirus — are pushing many teams to dive headfirst into working remotely, ready or not.

To help those who may have been suddenly thrown into the deep end of remote work, we hosted a “Preparing your team for remote work” webinar. Range’s Nick Walsh was joined by Jennifer Farris, the CPO at Terminal, and Darren Murph, the Head of Remote at GitLab to discuss best practices that can help managers and ICs as they dive into remote work.

We covered:

  1. Remote work: deceptively different — understanding remote work and common issues first that arise when diving in

  2. How to get my team remote-fluent fast — best practices on how your team can adapt to a new way or working

  3. From a manager to a remote manager — meet your new old job. Managers are the key to successful remote teams. We discussed tips and approach for managing from a distance.

  4. Shifting an organization to be remote nimble — from establishing a playbook to getting stakeholders onboard, we reviewed how to rewire your workforce

We hope you find this webinar useful, and here are additional remote work resources:

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