Creating great remote onboarding experiences

Webinar: Best practices for remote onboarding

Michael Boykin,Yellow Squiggle

Remote work has moved from a nice-to-have for some to a new reality for many. Helping an entire team work from home full-time requires us to rethink the existing processes that we're used to in co-located offices. One of those processes is onboarding.

To acclimate people and culture teams, operations leaders, and hiring managers to the challenges and benefits that come with remote onboarding, we hosted a webinar dedicated to creating great remote onboarding experiences. We invited Robert Walters Managing Consultant of People and Talent Faye Tracey, LifeLabs Learning Director of Recruiting, Leadership Trainer and Coach Megan Wheeler, and Webflow VP of People Heather Doshay to share practices and playbooks that ensure business continuity and a great new hire experience while operating away from HQ.

During this webinar we:

  • Highlight differences between co-located (onsite) and remote work
  • Explore the transition from HR manager to remote HR manager
  • Detail onboarding best practices for a new hire’s first week
  • Share a 30/60/90 day plan for individual, team, and company success

In addition to watching a full recording of the webinar above, you can find the slide presentation used here.

We hope you find this webinar valuable and instructive. Here are a few additional remote work resources to support you and your team:

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Creating great remote onboarding experiences
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