Easily Facilitate Meetings with Anyone

Wow your meeting attendees with your well-run agenda

Use Range to run all your meetings, even with people who aren’t on Range.

One of our most requested features has been the ability to have meeting attendees that don’t have Range accounts — many of our customers love Range meetings so much that their meetings that aren’t on Range feel like such a chore.

So we’re excited to share that with our new Guest Users functionality, you can now invite all coworkers (and external attendees) to your Range meetings.

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We’ve also put together easy-to-use templates for your next leads sync, project launch sync, and team all-hands. Grab a meeting template, and wow all your meeting participants with your well-run agenda, structured notes and action items, and of course, the meeting spinner for opening and closing rounds and icebreaker questions.

Share the magic of Range meetings

With Guest Users functionality, you can easily add anyone to your meetings with just their name and email.

As meeting guests, attendees will be able to participate fully in the meeting, including:

  • Show up in the meeting spinner — to be included in team-building questions
  • Own agenda topics — so that they can raise important issues to discuss
  • Get assigned action items — which will be tracked as usual in Range, so they don’t disappear
  • Receive meeting notes via email after the meeting ends

There are just a few things these attendees can’t do without a full Range account, and you can read more about them here.

Spread better meeting practices at your company

You can model the better, more engaging meetings that you want to see at your workplace and in this industry. So much time is wasted in inefficient and boring meetings. Run your next cross-team or external meeting with Range, and save yourself and others valuable time — and have fun while you’re doing it!

We have meeting templates for common team meetings — retros, 1:1s, sprint planning — as well as common cross-team company meetings, such as project check-ins, lead syncs, launch meetings, and all-hands.

More Teams on Range = Better Cross-Team Relationships

Cross-team relationships have been fairly neglected the past year and a half, with many teams focusing inward to iterate on team process, team alignment, and team execution.

We’re focused on enhancing high-level team views on Range so that you can easily see what other teams are working on and how individuals on those teams are doing in work and in their lives.

Running your cross-team meetings on Range is just the first step to getting your company on Range for better cross-team alignment and connectedness.

Try Range for your next meeting

Give Range's meeting tool a try, for more engaging and effective meetings. Your meeting attendees will appreciate their time being well-spent.

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Easily Facilitate Engaging and Effective Meetings
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