Add guest users to meetings in Range

Bring internal and external collaborators into your meetings on Range

Meetings can and often do include a variety of collaborators, stakeholders, and partners, internal and external to our company. This is how we get work done.

To ensure everyone you work with — fellow Range users, non-users, contractors, and consultants — is represented in Range Meetings, we introduced the guest users functionality.

By inviting guest users to Range meetings, you’ll be able to:

  • Set guests as topic owners
  • Assign them action items
  • Include them in the spinner
  • Share meeting notes with them

Let’s explore how the guest users functionality works.

Note on workspace privacy: Other than the notes automatically shared at the end of meeting sessions, guest users added to meetings in Range will not be able to log in or access any information within your workspace.

GIF of adding guest to meeting in Range

Adding guest users to your meeting

There are a number of reasons you might add a guest to a meeting in Range. You might have a cross-functional meeting scheduled that includes internal stakeholders who aren’t yet on Range, you might be running a recurring meeting with external clients, or you might want to set up a bi-monthly sync with contractors or consultants.

These are all great reasons to add guests to a meeting in Range. When you’re ready to add guests, follow these steps:

  1. Find and open the meeting in Range
  2. Click Add guest under Meeting attendees
  3. Enter the attendee’s name and email address using the format First Last <> or just their email
  4. Click Add guests

Tip: If you have more than a few people to add, we recommend clicking Add many at once after step two (above).

For recurring meetings held in Range, the guests you add in one session will automatically be part of the roster for your next session. Like any other attendee, you will be able to mark guests as absent or present, make them the meeting facilitator, or remove them from the meeting.

Participating in meetings as a guest user

Here’s the experience you and your guests can expect once they’ve been added to a meeting.

As noted above, guests can be designated as topic owners, be assigned action items, and receive meeting notes. While you’re conducting your opening and closing rounds, guests will also appear in the spinner.

There are a few things that guests will not be able to do while attending Range meetings, including:

  • Taking notes
  • Assigning action items
  • Actively following along in the meeting tool

Encouraging guests to create a Range account

If you find your team regularly collaborating with other internal teams or external users, suggest they create a Range account so that they can collaborate and contribute even more.

Here are a few notes on when guests can and can’t create a Range account, as determined by your workspace settings.

When guests can create a Range account

Your guests will be able to create a Range account and join your workspace under these conditions:

  • Your workspace doesn’t have an invite-only policy, meaning anyone with a matching auth domain (ex: can create an account and the guest user’s email has the same auth domain
  • Your workspace has a strict invite-only policy but an existing user in your workspace choose to invite the guest

When guests can’t create a Range account

Your guests won’t be able to create a Range account and join your workspace under these conditions:

  • Your workspace has a specific auth domain set and your guest’s email doesn’t match
  • Your workspace has restricted adding accounts to invite-only

Run your next meeting in Range

Now that you know how to add guests to your meetings, give it a try. Add a guest to your meeting and let them experience what they’ve been missing out on!

Add a guest to your meeting

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