How to run your weekly team meeting with Range

Increase value, engagement, and outcomes of your team meetings by running them in Range

If teamwork makes the dream work, your team meeting should speed you up instead of slow you down. But for most teams today, team meetings can get easily derailed. They often run too long, veer off-track, or suffer from poor engagement.

When you facilitate a meeting in Range, it’s easy to follow best practices that keep the meeting on track like setting recurring agenda topics and assigning action items. You’ll boost engagement and ensure everyone is included, with the collaborative agenda and spinner tool — which automatically chooses who speaks next. Plus, you’ll never forget to send out meeting notes because the Range does it for you. (Over email and Slack too, so everyone has visibility.)

With Range, you’ll increase meeting engagement, improve visibility, and reduce FOMO for folks who aren’t able to attend every week.

In this article, we’ll cover how to:

  1. Streamline meeting prep with recurring agendas
  2. Facilitate discussion using the meeting tool
  3. Connect to Slack to see notes in your channel

1. Streamline meeting prep with recurring agendas

Having an agenda saves time and keeps the meeting on track. You can build a recurring agenda in Range so it’s easier to plan for the next meeting — starting with the same evergreen topics every time. For a weekly team meeting, your recurring topics might be: metrics update, review last week’s action items, and team recognition.

To create an agenda, start by adding your team meeting to Range. Go to Meetings and select 'All agendas' at the top of the page. Click the New agenda button and begin creating your agenda in the new tab that pops up.

For every new meeting, Range will automatically populate some proposed recurring topics. You can drag and drop them to move them around or, if you’d like to remove an agenda topic, click on that topic, select 'Edit topic' in the upper right, and then select 'Delete topic'.

You can also add one-time topics for things you only plan to cover that week.

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2. Facilitate discussion with the meeting tool

When you facilitate your meeting through Range, it’s easy to stay on track with your agenda, get the whole team engaged, assign action items, and share notes immediately after.

Go to Meetings and select the Team Meeting you created from the list. Click the Open agenda button to begin. If you haven't yet connected your agenda to a scheduled meeting, navigate to the 'All agendas' view and find the meeting agenda you want to use.

The main part of the screen will show whatever topic you’re currently on, and the side panel will show the full agenda. You can click “Next topic” to move through items, and add notes and action items in Range as you go.

Tip: When you assign an action item during a meeting facilitated in Range, it will automatically be added to that person’s Check-in. This ensures the things you discuss in meetings can actually be actioned on and helps build accountability.

During the meeting, you can collect ad hoc topics from everyone in the team to build a collaborative agenda as new questions and items come up. You can also use the attendee spinner to select who speaks when, ultimately increasing engagement and inclusion.

When you finish the final agenda item, click the End session button. You’ll see your meeting notes organized for you on the next screen — just click 'Share notes' to share them over email and Slack (more on that in the next step), keeping everyone informed.

Tip: We recommend assigning a facilitator to take notes at the beginning of each team meeting and rotating each time. This helps improve engagement and divides the work up fairly.

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3. Connect Slack to see notes in your channel

If your team uses Slack, connecting Range to Slack lets you share and read meeting notes in the place you’re already communicating with each other every day.

First, make sure you’ve got the Range app for Slack set up. You’ll also need to have a team set up in Range.

Once that’s done, go to your team channel in Slack to subscribe to receive updates related to your team in Range.

Just type: /range subscriptions and select your team.

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Try it out

Team meetings are an important time for the team to come together, but it can be hard to keep them on-track, keep the attendee-list focused, and keep folks in the room engaged.

With Range, you can facilitate a more effective team meeting that’s inclusive and efficient. And by improving transparency with better note-taking and seamless note-sharing, it’s easier to keep everyone informed, whether they attend the meeting or not.

To get started, try adding your team meeting to Range and building your agenda for next week.

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