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Every meeting can and should be a great one. Not every task needs a meeting, but it’s important to find a balance between asynchronous and real-time communication so team members can stay focused.

It’s now easier than ever to facilitate efficient, effective, and inclusive meetings with Range. When you run your meetings with Range you can build an agenda, take notes, record actions, and close the loop with tight integration into async check-ins.

Keep your meetings focused

Meetings need to be both efficient and effective. You can avoid unclear agendas and tangents with simple tools and techniques. Using these tools empowers your team to stay focused and ensures you only cover the necessary topics.

Range Meetings Topic Timer

When you run a meeting with Range, you have access to each of our meeting facilitation tools.

  • Agenda builder: allows all meeting participants to add topics to the meeting agenda. Generating a dynamic agenda this way allows you to rearrange, organize, and mold the meeting around the needs of the participants. If someone in the meeting brings up a tangent, just add it to the agenda and keep going.
  • Topic timer: Each topic can have a timer to help you keep the meeting from running over. Assign a topic owner who is responsible for keeping this topic succinct and focused, and share the responsibility of running an effective meeting with them. inviting this type of involvement makes meetings more engaging for everyone and ensures team meetings are something to look forward to, instead of something to dread.
  • Meeting notes: It’s easy to avoid having the same meetings or conversations over and over because all meetings notes are easily shareable with a URL. To clue someone into a past conversation, share your notes with them and keep the conversation moving forward — not backward.
  • Meeting actions: Beyond assigning action items, Range makes it easy to review the outstanding action items from the previous meeting session. Review, reassign, and keep moving forward.
  • Check-in flags: Review any highlights surfaced by your team members using flags during their regular check-ins. These are automatically filtered by team and organized by date.

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Make meetings more effective

We designed Range to help you effortlessly use best practices in your meetings. It’s easier than ever to get started with meeting templates and a dashboard for all your meetings and action items.

Assign action items to teammates during meetings

Meetings in Range connect to your daily workflow, ensuring the insights you gain within a meeting live beyond the meeting. As additional work and tasks are discussed during a meeting, you can create and assign action items that will appear in a convenient list on your meetings dashboard. You're also able to easily add your assigned action items to your Range Check-in.

As your team checks in with Range, their mood and status will appear within the meeting as well. Any flags from Range Check-ins can be automatically filtered and reviewed within a meeting, so your meetings become even richer as team members use Range asynchronously.

Notes are even automatically sent to all meeting attendees through email or Slack, whichever you prefer. If someone can’t make a meeting, they’ll be able to see all the notes and action items afterward, keeping everyone in the loop. Worried about sensitive information in the notes? No worries — mark that topic as “private” and we’ll leave it out.

Tip: If your team uses Zoom, you’re in luck! Our new Zoom app allows you to use some of the best features of Range from within the Zoom app itself!

Encourage participation

Meetings in Range encourage engagement from everyone in attendance. Anyone can take notes, assign action items, or add topics to the agenda. It’s easy to see where others in the meeting focus their attention by watching them engage through real-time collaboration.

Our icebreakers are a great way to include everyone in the meeting. The icebreakers tool includes a spinner to randomly go around the “room”. Try holding an “opening round” with icebreakers to allow everyone to say hello and answer an interesting question. This supports the theory that if attendees speak early in a meeting, they’re more likely to speak up later in the meeting as well.

Range Meetings team spinner tool

You may also notice the spinner includes the moods and statuses of your team members. Calibrating yourself to the well-being of your team helps you know who to focus on, who to include, and how to navigate the team's emotions that day.

If someone can’t make it to the meeting, is interrupted by kids, or isn’t focusing well that day, all the notes will still be available to review later. No one needs to feel left out or excluded because they can catch up with the topics, action items, and notes that are automatically sent out when the meeting ends. They won’t even need to go hunting for the meeting notes — we’ll send it right to them.

Better meetings with Range

You and your team deserve better meetings. Your meetings can be more inclusive, effective, and efficient by running them with Range. Using our meeting tools can empower your whole team to begin running more effective meetings.

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Run Better Meetings with Range
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