13 hand-picked Zoom backgrounds for work

Use these Zoom virtual backgrounds for your next work meeting.

Josh Spilker, August 12, 2022Yellow Squiggle
zoom backgrounds for work

What are the best Zoom backgrounds for work?

1. Plants in the office Zoom background

plants in the office zoom background

Photo by Mitchell Luo

2. Smart bookshelf Zoom background

smart bookshelf zoom background

Photo by Vladimir Mokry on Unsplash

3. Tasteful office Zoom background

plants in the office zoom virtual background

Huy Phan on Unsplash

4. End of day office Zoom background

end of day office zoom background

Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

5. Cozy living room Zoom background

cozy living room zoom background

6. Nice dining table set Zoom background

dining table set zoom background

Vincent Revaud at Pixels

Disney virtual backgrounds for work

Want to bring a Disney background to your next Zoom meeting? Try these to lighten up your meeting.

7. Toy Story virtual background for Zoom

virtual zoom background Toy Story

Source: Disney

8. Up virtual background for Zoom

Up Zoom background Disney

Source: Disney

9. Coco virtual background for Zoom

virtual background Coco Disney

Source: Disney

10. Finding Nemo virtual background for Zoom

finding nemo disney virtual background

Source: Disney

More virtual backgrounds for Zoom

11. Intelligent bookcase virtual background for Zoom

Curbed smart bookcase at home

Source: Curbed

12. Well-made bed virtual background for Zoom

well-made virtual background for zoom curbed Range

Source: Curbed

13. Amazing dining table & kitchen virtual background for Zoom

dining table and kitchen zoom background

Source: Curbed

What do you do next with your virtual background for Zoom?

You chose a virtual background for work, great!

Here's the next step.

1. Upload your background to Zoom

2. Save your favorite photos and rotate through them

3. Choose the filter that helps you look best

4. Connect your Zoom app to Range.

5. Link Range to your calendar and open the agenda at your next meeting.

backgrounds for zoom calls

How can you improve meetings on Zoom?

Use these meeting ground rules to guide your time.

  1. Prepare ahead of time
  2. Arrive early
  3. Be present (not multi-tasking)
  4. Start with an icebreaker
  5. Use a facilitator
  6. Use an agenda
  7. Keep notes & action items

Range can keep your meetings on track

Connect Zoom with Range and create multi-player agendas, and send notes directly after the meeting.

With Range, you can:

  • Collaborate better with more effective meetings
  • Easily facilitate balanced discussions that make every meeting worthwhile
  • Build agendas, record actions, and share notes automatically
  • Create a recurring agenda for all the topics your team discusses every week from metrics to project updates.
  • Empower discussion by building a collaborative agenda & spinning to select others to speak
  • Easily document notes from each topic to keep everyone in the loop.

Try it for free.

Try Range for Free

No credit cards required to practice better teamwork.
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13 Best Zoom Backgrounds for Work (Free Downloads)
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